The Story

BoDot was created by me, Shelley.   

I am a mother, a wife and a teacher of little ones.

I was inspired to create BoDot from seeing how important and special that items from home were to children.

I wanted to create something that combined beautiful, organic children's clothing with a sense of home. Something to make children feel safe and loved when they're away from their big people. 

As a teacher I've seen special teddies and blankets, hankies sprayed with perfume, pictures of family and letters from home - all brought into school to help children settle. Not always practical I know. 

BoDot clothing lets children take a tiny piece of home with them wherever they go.

Each BoDot item has a pocket with a patch inside - give the patch a kiss, spray it with your scent, write a message

on it. . . . whatever you do with your patch, your little one can keep it with them all day and know you are thinking of them. 

When they're feeling sad or worried, they can take out their patch, squeeze it tight and know that they are loved and that you are right there with them.

BoDot wants to make children feel comforted and loved, wherever they may be. 

BoDot lets you take a piece of home with you, wherever you go.