HOME sweater - English Mustard

HOME sweater - English Mustard


The HOME sweater is a distressed, slightly oversized sweater with a mesh pocket to home the patch. Made from soft, organic cotton and with unfinished edges and a comfortable fit, this sweater is understated and easy to wear.


Each HOME sweater comes with a signature 'patch' (plus 2 extras) which fits perfectly into the mesh pocket. With this, your little person can feel a sense of home when away from their big people. Spray it with your scent, leave a kiss on it or give it a cuddle and then they can take it out and squeeze it tight when they need some comfort from home. 



Made from soft, 100% organic cotton. 

Garment dyed. 

Designed in England. 

Made in Portugal. 


    Machine washable at 30 degrees.

    Not suitable for tumble drying.

    Patch hand wash only.